The TBS Preschool is a Nut-Free Preschool!

Nut-Free PreschoolWhile we are a nut-free preschool, we cannot guarantee a peanut- or nut-free environment as other groups use our facilities. DO NOT send in any foods containing nuts, including food items processed with nuts. (Please carefully check labels.) We ask that tree nuts or nut butter not be used in your child’s lunch. Sunflower butter is an appropriate substitute.

The Temple Beth Shalom Preschool staff members will do our best to accommodate your child’s dietary needs. Please be sure that your child eats a healthy breakfast every morning before school.

Parents should send a healthy lunch daily. We encourage you to follow USDA’s food guidelines by providing appropriate portions from each of the food groups: grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat and beans with oils from fish and liquid oils encouraged. Juice for your child’s lunch should be 100% juice. We require you to send in water bottles for the day as well as for lunch.

NOTE: Do not send in any pork or shellfish products for your child’s lunch. This is in accordance with Jewish dietary laws that we ask you to respect.

Lunch BagPlease send your child’s lunch in a labeled lunch box or bag that has labeled containers and an ice pack. Please do not send any soda, fruit gummies or candy with your child’s lunch. If your child does have candy in their lunch, they will be asked to save it for home. We always encourage them to eat their protein (or their “growing food first”) and then their desserts.

Parents are asked to supply morning and afternoon snacks for your child’s class on a rotating basis. Snacks are served twice each day in each classroom. Please send appropriate portions.

Water BottlesWATER BOTTLES: Since it is so dry in New Mexico, we are always encouraging children to drink water as much as possible. We ask that you send in a labeled water bottle for your child to keep in the classroom and for the playground. Having water bottles makes it easier to keep your child properly hydrated.