Health Policies

stethoscopePrior to admission, the Preschool Director must be provided with either a copy of your child’s up-to-date immunization record or a signed, dated, notarized Certificate of Religious/Conscientious objection to immunization. Your child may not be allowed to attend school without this record; this is New Mexico State law. All children entering childcare, school, etc. are required to have immunizations according to the standards set by the State of New Mexico. Due to NAEYC accreditation regulations, we ask for a copy of your child’s latest health exam from your physician.

Smoking is not permitted on our premises. Temple Beth Shalom is a smoke-free environment. Firearms are not permitted on Temple grounds.

Please do not bring your child to school when he/she is sick.


Although we understand the pressure for you to be at work, we are responsible for the health and safety of all the children at the preschool. Bringing a sick child to school is not only difficult for the child, but also places stress on the staff and may place the other children in an unsafe situation. We strictly adhere to our illness policy which is mandated by the State of New Mexico for continued operation of our preschool.

There are three reasons to exclude sick children from child care or school:

  1. The child is not able to participate in usual activities. Child may be very tired, irritable or cry a lot.
  2. The child needs more individual care than the program staff can provide.
  3. The illness or symptoms are on the exclusion list. (For the Exclusion List, see the TBS Handbook and School Policies for 2015-16.)

If your child contracts an infectious disease, please call the Preschool Director so that other children in contact with your child may be notified of potential exposure.

Nut-Free PreschoolWhile we are a nut-free preschool, we cannot guarantee a peanut- or nut-free environment as other groups use our facilities. If your child does have a food allergy, please inform us and we will work with you to set up special procedures for your child in case of an allergic reaction. You may send in special foods for only your child to eat.