Temple Beth Shalom Preschool provides children and their families with a caring, creative, enriched environment that supports each child’s innate joy of learning, which allows the children to reach their full potential.

Star of DavidTemple Beth Shalom Preschool is supported by Temple Beth Shalom, a Reform Jewish congregation. Priority in enrollment is given to members of the Temple Beth Shalom congregation. In collaboration with the Preschool Director, the TBS Board of Trustees is responsible for setting school policies.

With the goal of creating leaders and citizens of a kinder world, our program emphasizes and follows the precepts of Reform Judaism:

  • Tikkun Olam — repairing the world
  • Mitzvot — good deeds
  • Tzedakah — helping others
  • Bal Tashchit — care of the Earth


Outdoor play timeWe believe that each child is a unique being with special gifts. We nurture the emotional, creative, social, and cognitive domains of each child through a play-based, child-centered, developmentally-appropriate curriculum. Children are given the opportunity to make their own choices, to experiment and explore in a rich and stimulating environment under the guidance of trained and loving staff.

Temple Beth Shalom Preschool is committed to supporting the child’s innate joy of learning and sense of self through play. We believe that the early childhood years are where children develop a positive and compassionate self-image.

Educational Objectives

It is our objective to foster self-esteem, self-control, self-direction, and cooperation. Positive re-direction, logical and natural consequences and opportunities for children to problem-solve and make choices are the means by which we accomplish this objective.