Parent and ChildFamilies enrich our program and are integral to its success as they organize many of our school events and fundraisers. Some of the events we hold in order to encourage community are field trips, Jewish holiday celebrations, Family Festival and family potlucks (school year, most months), and parent child get-togethers after school. If you would like to schedule a special activity (such as cooking or to be part of a special celebration), please contact your child’s teachers to express interest in volunteering and sharing your time.

We have two parent-teacher conferences each school year (one in November and one in May) to assess the child’s growth and needs. A final portfolio is presented to parents documenting the child’s growth through the year.


We enjoy celebrating your child’s birthday with their class. You are welcome to send in a special treat. Parents are welcome to join the birthday celebration. If you use our cubbies to distribute birthday invitations, we ask that you invite everyone in the class.

Nut-Free PreschoolPlease keep these birthday treats as healthy as possible and keep in mind that we are a nut-free preschool (due to allergies).

(Additionally, we celebrate all major Jewish holidays with developmentally appropriate activities in art, cooking, stories, and family celebrations.)

School-Home Communication

We keep you posted on how your child is doing through verbal communication, notes, e-mails and letters. Most of our notices are now sent by e-mail, so be sure we have your correct e-mail address on your forms. Please come to us when you need clarification or if you need to share something with us about your family and/or child. Please check this website for scheduled events.

Pilim (Families’ Committee)

Our Families’ Committee is called Pilim, meaning elephants. It meets regularly with the Director. Pilim supports the Director by planning and organizing field trips, fundraisers (i.e., pumpkin painting party, annual fundraising event, Scholastic Book Club, extracurricular activities), preschool potlucks, special events (such as the end of year celebration), teacher recognition events and more. Pilim is led by a Chairperson (Co-Chairs, if two) under the Director’s guidance. Your participation in this committee benefits the overall quality of our program.


It is the policy of Temple Beth Shalom Preschool to insure and protect the confidentiality of all the Preschool’s children, families and staff. Confidential information that is protected by this policy includes but is not limited to any personally identifiable student records. This information refers to the students’ health records, assessment results and any other materials found in the children’s files. This confidential information will not be disclosed to anyone other than TBS staff and parents (as to their own child only), except as otherwise required by law or with a signed parental release.