Our teachers are educated and trained professionals, who are constantly seeking to expand their knowledge of the latest research and developments in early childhood. We construct the child’s knowledge of the world.

Our teachers’ role is to guide, to encourage exploration, to facilitate and scaffold learning, and to be role models in the realms of social relationships. They provide opportunities for experiential learning by creating an environment for exploration and problem solving. They provide gentle behavior guidance with an emphasis on conflict resolution, mediation, redirection and self-control. They bond deeply with their students; their care assures the safety and well-being for the children.

Our teacher student ratios are low and fully meet New Mexico state standards as well as National accreditation standards.

Doobim “teddy bears” (2-3 years old) 2 Teachers: 9 Children
Dagim “fishes” (3-4 years old) 2 Teachers: 12 Children
Soosim “horses” (4 -5 years old) 2 Teachers: 15 Children

The staff is available to speak with parents. While discussion is not possible during instructional times, we recommend keeping open communication with your child’s teachers. All assessments and other documentation are kept confidential in the child’s files. Samples may be shown to our licensing and accreditation agencies, but are presented anonymously. They will not be shown to anyone else without a written permission statement from the parents.